.. a step to our future home

Dear Congregants,

I am thrilled to announce that we “Adat Chaverim” are as of today, Wednesday January the 18th, the proud owners of the land at Lebanon and Batsford Dr in Frisco, TX.

It was with great pleasure that I signed the official papers yesterday, reflecting on the future that lays ahead of us in our own building on our own land.

This is something any President of any congregation would like to experience.

Looking back

Over three years ago, Adat Chaverim, starting with a Strategic Planning effort, began the process of laying the groundwork for our future home. The Atideinu Committee, led by Howard Flushman made the first steps and recommendations, soon followed by the Livnot Committee, led by David Goldstein to commence fundraising. Finally, in 2016, these efforts merged together into a singular focused Capital Campaign Committee, led by Terry Sigle.

There are so many leaders in these committees that should be thanked. In no particular order:

Meryl Fein & Howard Flushman, Gifts
Michael Novendstern & Susan Schwartz, Architecture
Sibylle Jacobs, Communications
Lewis Zwick, Real Estate
Dotty Fox, Administration
Rabbi Ben Sternman
It would be difficult to list the numerous members of these sub-committees in a single email, so thank you to all of you who have served on the Capital Campaign in any capacity.

This initial land purchase was made possible by the 105 members who have generously pledged and made gifts to the Capital Campaign. THANK YOU.
We hope to bring all members on board as we continue to move forward.

This land acquisition is a huge milestone in the history of Adat Chaverim and the first tangible one to our future goal of a permanent home in North Texas.

If we will it – it will happen.
It will happen with your continued hard work and generosity.

This is a proud day for our Adat Chaverim Family!

L’Shalom Steve Jacobs – President of Adat Chaverim